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Posted on November 26, 2018 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (59706)


To all the MUM'S out there,


We love you and appreciate all you do! You are so valued.


I thought I would take a minute to Celebrate my Mum and all Mum's out there.


What ever your job title - Home Maker, Stay-at-home Mum, House wife, Mother - Why is it society undermine these woman who's job is Running the House-hold.


I started thinking about all the “jobs” that mum's do in their our lives. For all the many roles you play in our lives at all stages.


All your hard work and dedication - to all your jobs as a mum have not gone unnoticed.


Juggling so many balls - for a 24/7 job - lead caregiver, organizing meals - nutrition, logistics, transport, school, sports, activities, brownies,entertainment, caring for other family members, helping in the community, sick days- just to name a few - All of which requires lots of creativity, negotiation and planning and lots of patience.


Mum's really are wonder woman - To do what they do with Lots of Love and the patience of a saint.


How can we change others attitudes so that all the mum's out there get the true value they deserve?

We are all guilty at under valuing ourselves, and defining work as something you go off to do and get paid for each day, which in turn undervalues what Mum's out there are doing.


So to the Mum's (and dad's) out there who are running the house-hold, take pride in what you do - all in a days work - You are amazing!


Here is a list of some Funny Job titles of all the things you do as a Mum.


Household CEO

Masters & PhD in Patience

Familial Law Enforcer

Non-TV Activity Coordinator

English Language Educator

Playground / Kiss it Better- Medic/ Nurse

President of Waste Management

Tantrum & Meltdown Negotiator

Toddler Tantrum & Anger Management Specialist

Play-date Social Secretary

Manners Expert & Personal Shopper

Fashion Stylist & Consultant, Teacher, Imagination Studies

Personal Chauffeur & Expert Driver


Birthday Party Planner

Focus on the POSITIVES

Posted on November 26, 2018 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (6066)



Did you know that it’s physically impossible to be stressed and grateful all at the same time?


This is because our minds don’t actually have the ability to focus on the positive and negatives at the same time!


So it can be really easy to forget to be grateful and appreciative -particularly when we’re faced with challanges and stress.


Instead we remember and practice to flex our gratitude muscle - regularly- to retain our mind - and to stop operating from its negative bias.


Remember all the positives and beauty in the word! Love each and every day!


Posted on November 26, 2018 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (1867)

Stress...... in the busy and hectic world we all live in these days Stress can be a big factor of our happiness. It’s could be Work, finances , the Job we have verses the one we want, the hours we work, supporting our family, our lifestyles goals all with in the the limitation of time- there is never enough TIME- be it a hour, day, a week, month or year!

Life can be jam packed!

Please remember to Forgive yourself, forgive others, don’t compare yourself with others , and always see YOUR good side! We are all amazing and unique!

So how can we minimise and manage STRESS in our lives;

1: Understand the stresses - what is causing the stresses, accept that some (causes of stress) can’t be changed.


2: Change your Perception - alter your view- your thoughts, values and expectations- raise you confidence.


3. Improve you physical response - work a lowering you physical response by improving excercise, rest, sleep, meditation, eating choices etc


4. Improve your emotional Response- work on not dwelling on negative feelings and to develops new friendships.


5. Improve your behavioural reaction - learning new skills, develop personal and interpersonal skills- continue learning, take up study, And work on better Time Management.




Posted on November 26, 2018 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (3302)


I've spent this week on a life changing transformation - studying NeuroLinguistic Programming - its like learning a new language. This week it has helped me open my eyes to a new view.

So a little like the Movie - Pay if Forward with Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt. I'm making a ripple effect.

What if we looked at the world through NEW eyes, OPEN to possibilities and with this NEW LOOK we were able to gain an understanding and acceptance with in our own skin and how we see others in the world.

So I'm challenging you to try these 8 things....Some of you may already be doing them.

Try looking at the world like this.....

1. Everyone has there own "MAP" of the the world - this is their own journey.

2. Respect others "MAPS" of the world - we each have our own journey - its unique, amazing and individual just like us.

3. Every behavior has a positive intention - this one is a big one for me - seeing/focus on the good and positives!


4. People are not their behavior - we all know this but sometimes forget it.


5. People have all the resources/skills they need to succeed and bring about change/results.


6.There are no unresourceful people, only resourceful state of mind / body / being.


7. The person with the most flexibility, influences the outcome of an interaction - which means the more you can adapt to a scenario the more likely you are to get the outcome you desire.


8.Modelling success - Will lead to Excellence


This can help reduce stress by being adaptable and create a new outlook - which improves your well-being. Its Easy - Try it on for a week and see what you changes you notice.

Walking our True Talk in Every aspect of life.

If you want to know more please feel free to send me a message.

My Ripple Effect...

Posted on November 26, 2018 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (2106)

My ripple effect…

The idea of the “ripple effect” has been brewing in my mind for the past month, after spending a wonderful week with some inspiring people. I discovered I have this over powering belief for “world peace” and over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking on how I can create this. World Peace is a massive statement - I started thinking on how to break this down, into small steps…looking at what I can do.

I diffidently haven’t learnt how to control world leaders, or the politics of oil and wealth around the world, or how to get everyone to treat each other with respect and kindness.

However I decided I would work on what I can control –my actions, my words, my thoughts and feelings.

I started contemplating what I was putting into the world. I also thought about how I am inspiring others and leading others to inspire the world and to for-full my ripple on the world.

Sometimes you need to look within yourself and find out what you really want – those core values and beliefs that drive you.

Everything you do or create puts something into the world. Everything you feel puts something into the world. This awareness is the start - so you can choose to start changing your thoughts, your feelings, and your beliefs.

I think the ripple effect is really important concept, because so many of us – sometimes even myself – are just generating so much negativity into the world, or we are wasting so much time not pursuing our true dreams and goals. WE HAVE A LIFE TIME TO SPEND LIVING< WHY NOT SPEND IT DOING WHAT YOU LOVE.

NO ONE is pressuring us to keep living a life that we don’t want. When we do, we hold onto negativity, pain, anger, boredom and more – and we become complacent and feel like we are not living the life we should have.

It starts with YOU… I want you to ponder the ripple effect you are creating in your life…… There is no right or wrong answer… it’s about what you want!

It doesn’t have to be big changes which can be over whelming and outside your comfort zone.

As everything is interlinked in life, we only have to be brave enough to take the first, maybe very small step. This maybe going for a 10 minute walk. Feeling the wonderful effect, we may soon go for a 20 minute walk. Or maybe we say Yes to something, rather than No. The possibilities are endless. The more we do it the more comfortable it becomes, and we will start to see change. Before we know it we are initiating change within ourselves and creating our own ripple.

I want to help others go after their dreams whole heartedly - and that’s my ripple effect, to inspire those who cross my path, just as others inspire me when they cross mine.

This is the beginning my ripple in the world…. For world Peace.